From protector of the land to champion of farming

“I want farming to be known as a noble profession,” Allan Agrimano proudly exclaimed when asked why he chose to be a farmer.


Allan was once a soldier. For 15 years, he served the country with courage and might. But in 2017, he shifted gears and focused on farming, the thing that gave his parents a living.

“My parents were farmers. We grew up with farming,” he shared.

The shift is fueled by his desire to provide for his family and stay close to them. But that did not go without a greater purpose. He knew that apart from it, he wants to help the farmers of Magallanes, Cavite. It is his goal to encourage them that farming is a good business. It is something that, if done right, can raise a family well.

“I saw that few ventures into farming, but the demand for crops are constantly increasing. That is a big opportunity not to grab.”


With a clear vision, he initiated a talk with the local government and sought support to create an association for farmers. Last year, he, along with the other farmers of Magallanes, established the Sabang Vegetable Farmer Association.

The association started with only four hectares of land to till, but to date they expanded it to 10 hectares. With their crops, they are able to close a deal with an institutional buyer.

“I think, little by little, I am able to achieve my goal for farmers. I really aim for institutional buyers so we will directly benefit from it.”

To encourage institutional buyers, their crops must meet the maximum quality demanded by the buyer. Allan sees to it that they use the best fertilizers, farming practices and most importantly high-quality seeds.

“We use 70% organic and 30% commercial fertilizers… We also deploy the relay cropping technique. With this, we can maximize our lands and get a good harvest… As for the seeds, we only get from East-West Seed,” he shared.


For several years that he has been farming, Allan shared that East-West Seed gives the best seeds. On his experiences, it is already tried and tested. He uses Diamante Max F1 (Tomato), Galaxy F1 (Bittergourd)  and Mestiza F1 (Bittergourd)  and they always deliver.

“With the 3,500 Diamante Max planted, we were able to harvest 12,000 tons. That is around four kilos per plant,” Allan shared when asked about the performance of the varieties he usually uses.

As he continues to lead the farmers in Magallanes, he also inspires the young generation to pursue the same. But his task is not without challenges. “There are people who won’t believe in you. But we want to prove them wrong.”

With farming, Allan was able to build his own house, send his children to school, buy his own car and acquire his own land. He shared that he wants the same for all the farmers of Magallanes. Without second thoughts, he shares to them what he knows.

Before he was a soldier, protecting territories. Now, he is a farmer, inspiring other farmers and nurturing lands.