Danny Mateo

DANNY MATEO is a former jeepney driver. In 1982, he realized he couldn’t make a living from driving jeepney, so he borrowed a 2,500 square meter land from his father so he could start planting vegetables in Bulacan.

"Sa buhay natural lang iyong nauuntog, may pagsubok, kailangan ituloy mo ang buhay,"says Danny.

By planting his own vegetables, Danny achieved his dream of the good life. He was able to send his children to college, and one of them is now a medicine graduate.

He was also able to buy a farm land, vehicles, farm machinery to mechanize his farming, and built his own house.


Watch Danny's inspiring story here:


Danny is one of East-West Seed's 35 Farmer Heroes. As part of its 35th anniversary in 2017, East West Seed launched a nationwide Search for 35 Farmer Heroes who have achieved success and made a significant contribution to their communities  and could serve as role models of other farmers on how vegetable farming can be used to enrich lives. East-West Seed hopes to document the success stories and best practices of the hero farmers to inspire others and to showcase the available improved technologies for vegetable production, increased productivity, improved food security, sanitation and safety thereby contributing to the country’s economic development and growth of farmers income.