Dexter Difuntorum


“It's the fact that I'm part of an organization that significantly contributes to society, food security, and the economy that makes me fulfilled to be here.” 

Dexter was heavily involved in the fresh produce and modern retail industry before working for East-West Seed. The world back then for him was about running stores, making shelves full, connecting with suppliers, and engaging with customers. In a sense, he was part of what he described as a 'shelf-to-consumer story.’

It was in 2011 that he got introduced to East-West Seed. Dexter worked as a consultant to do value chain development projects in the Philippines and Thailand. 

“When you meet an organization that is involved - way, way before the shelf, a whole new industry is introduced. It goes beyond suppliers, beyond the field. You go back to where it starts. You discover the seed. And it does change millions of lives. This knowledge gives you a deeper appreciation of the food - as seen and served on the shelves and in your homes,” says Dexter. 

In 2016, he decided to fully immerse in the seed industry and join East-West Seed as its Downstream Marketing Manager. 

In his role, Dexter connects and develops business opportunities with stakeholders found in the consumer side of the value chain. 

“The organization is firmly rooted in its grassroots work and as we are part of a business ecosystem, I endeavor to bridge the two sides of the value chain,” adds Dexter.  

This led him to work with modern retailers, produce traders, food groups, relevant government institutions. He creates awareness for the organization, develop linkages with stakeholders, and pilot value chain initiatives.

“Working with East-West Seed has broadened my view and completed the picture: now it's the seed-to-shelf story. Add the fact that the organization helps provide jobs - stirring local economies and impacting lives in the grassroots, we find purpose.”


Team : Corporate Management

Current position : Downstream Marketing Manager

Works for East-West Seed since : 2016

Based in : Philippines


BS in Commerce major in Marketing Management, San Beda College

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