Tino Aromin, Seed Operations Manager

Tino Aromin


“I love working with farmers. EWS offers me this opportunity to serve farmers more, with full support and less operational red tape.”

The smiles of the farmers never fail to inspire Tino. He is a son of a farmer and has been working closely with farmers, even prior to joining East-West Seed in 1997. “My love of working with farmers brought me to EWS,” shares Tino.  

When he joined, he supervised seed production in the provinces of Abra, Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte, and established the Seed Production Research and Training Center of East-West Seed Philippines.

The fast increase in the demand of hybrid seeds in the 90’s made Tino’s initial job very challenging. He shares that it was challenging to meet the market’s demand of hybrid seeds, and recruiting farmers to produce hybrid seeds that time was not easy. Trainings and establishment of better relationships with farmers gradually addressed the challenges they were facing at that time.

Tino was promoted as Seed Production Manager in 2000, and subsequently as Seed Operations Manager in 2009.

Currently, he leads seed operations for East-West Seed Philippines. He ensures that high-quality seeds are produced on time. Together with his team, he works with over 4,000 seed growers, mostly small farmers, all over the country.  They also introduce farmers to new farming technologies to help them produce better quality seeds. 

“I love the company's value of serving farmers. It’s very inspiring for me to see the smiles of farmers everytime I visit their fields or see them in the streets.” I feel fulfilled when farmers, many of them with us in over 20 years, cite their litanies, in emotion and tears, about their transformation to having better lives since they became our seed growers.”


Team : Seed Operations

Current position : Seed Operations Manager

Works for East-West Seed since : 1997

Based in : Bulacan, Philippines


MSc in Agriculture, UP, Los Banos

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