For many years, EWS has recognized that providing seeds and sharing knowledge go hand-in-hand. In most emerging markets, the relatively poor performance of smallholder farmers can be attributed to high poverty rates, lack of knowledge in using improved varieties, poor cultivation techniques, and weak value chain function.

In this environment, EWS has identified Knowledge Transfer as a necessary precondition for developing new and further strengthening emerging markets, and thus a critical part of the business model. EWS has been supporting pre-commercial, intensive farmer extension programs in Asia and Africa for more than 18 years.


These activities are intrinsically linked to EWS’ business model, based on a win-win between company and farmer. By supporting improved income with smallholder farmers, pre-competitive knowledge transfer creates an environment where the company can be more successful developing a future market.

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 Number of farmers directly reached each yearPlanned direct outreach
Cambodia1, 6402, 1138, 258   
IndiaN/A78911, 074   
Indonesia9, 023122188, 383   
Myanmar5, 4481100813, 617   
Philippines3, 4933, 40614, 133   
Thailand3008002, 681   
Tanzania2, 4365, 5159, 816   
Uganda  270   
Total22, 34035, 84968, 23287, 350117, 328154, 527
Since 2015 EWS pre commercial extension has directly reached 126, 421 individual smallholder vegetable farmers (prior to 2014 records were not accurately kept)


Impact Studies


Currently the involvement of women in the company's pre-competitive extension services is approximately 30%. More recently the company is increasingly putting gender targets into specific projects; not just in participation, but also targeting women as key farmers.

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Crop & Technical Guides

EWS Technical Working Group has developed a series of modules, training material and high quality planting guides. This material has been developed and tested through years of experience. EWS cooperates closely with Wageningen University to assure recommendations (especially pesticides and fertilizers) promote sustainable production practices. 

Crop guides, technical guides and posters are currently available in 18 languages, covering 28 crops and 13 specific topics:



English (Asia)

Myanmar (MM)

Swahili (East Africa)

English (East Africa)

Khmer (CB)

French (West Africa)

English (West Africa)

Bahasa (INDO)

Bengali (Bangladesh)

Filipino (PH)

Marathi (IN)

Timorense (East-Timor)

Bisaya (PH)

Hindi (IN)

English (Ethiopia)

Thai (TH

Odia (IN)

Loa (Uganda)

Other languages currently in development include Spanish (Guatemala), Sinhala (Sri Lanka), Amharic (Ethiopia), Gujrathi (IN) & Kannada (IN)

Crop Guides:

Bitter gourd



Sponge gourd

Bottle gourd

French bean


Sweet Corn


Hot Pepper


Sweet Pepper









Chinese Cabbage


Ridge gourd

Wax gourd




Yardlong bean

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The world of east-west seed



70, 000

Farmers trained annually


Crop Guides


Guide Languages

Capacity Building
Sales and marketing
Sales and marketing
Governance and strategy

Research and Innovation

Research and Innovation

Sustainable business powered by innovation

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Seed Production

Seed Production

Our seed production is for farmers, by farmers

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Sales and marketing

Sales and marketing

Serving the needs of smallholder vegetable farmers in the tropics

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Digital Innovations

Digital Innovations

The world is rapidly changing, which means innovative farming approaches are more urgent than ever before.

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